Chinese New Year Celebration

CCNY Alumni Welcome the Year of the Dog in Style

at the Cathay House Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV


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Great food was eaten here.

Guest speaker, Christine Galassi, (back to camera) lectures us on Chinese culture.

Chapter president, Arlette Williams presents gift to  Christine Galassi. Chinese-style CCNY banner on the wall.

Our chapter's banner graces the Cathay House.



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Shmoozing 1 Shmoozing 2 Shmoozing 3 Shmoozing 4 Shmoozing 5 Shmoozing 6



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Art for sale 1 Art for sale 2 Art for sale 3 Art for sale 4
The Silent Auction



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From right, directors: Rosemary Fugarino and

Carol H. Hall

Carol H. Hall on right, helped  greet and guide guests. Treasurer Sheldon Rabin Director Jose Ananias Director Marilyn Horween