CCNY at the Mob Museum June 24, 2012

Starting to assemble at the entrance. Susan Braun (L) and Rosemary Fugarino (R).

Our CCNY gangsters got in the police lineup. From L-R Don Nitti (the kingpin), Les Braun (infamous webmaster), Susan Braun, Domineck Fugarino and Rosemary Fugarino. Since we all got the same ID number, any rat who fingers one of us fingers all of us. Hey! That ain't legal! Looks like Don and Arlette Ford escaped.

The "CCNY gang" meets at the entrance. Foregroud (L-R) Susan Braun, Don Nitti (the kingpin)) and Rosemary Fugarino. In the back (L-R) are made men, Domineck Fugarino and Don Ford, and money lady, Arlette Ford.

CCNY is on the illegal sports-betting "Wall of Shame" because of the infamous basketball point-shaving scandal of 1951 that included the CCNY Beavers. Schools in New York and other states were involved.*

*New York City area schools affected included NYU (also on the wall), Long Island University and Manhattan College. Organized crime was thought
to be behind this scandal that saw the arrest of three key Beaver players. Although the scandal came to light in 1951, the crimes took place in 1950
and earlier. After the scandal, CCNY never again dominated in a major sport.