About Event and Flyer Changes

   The high cost of postage prevents us from mailing updated flyers when there are event changes or errors. You will not receive corrections by mail except in extreme circumstances (such as an event cancellation). How do we update you without sending mail? There are three ways: 

   (1) Notification by phone or email. If there are specific changes that we believe can affect your enjoyment of an event, we will try to phone or email you. It is your responsibility to provide us with a current, reliable phone or email address, and to notify us if either of those change.

   (2) Notification through this website. Check back often for updates. A recent "Revised..." date on our home page will appear whenever it is updated, including updates to event descriptions. Updated flyers may be available on line* so that you can review and print the latest version.

   (3) Call your Event Coordinator (EC). The EC has agreed to organize and lead an event. The EC's contact information appears either on the flyer, or on the website event description. Make sure you check with your EC at least a week before the event.

   If you need to cancel, you must inform your EC ASAP in order to find out how much of a refund you can receive. 


*Flyers are available on-line if the event coordinator provides an electronic version. In not, find the event listed under "Upcoming Events" and check for changes.