Southern Nevada Chapter

of the

CCNY Alumni Association

Spring Fling Photos

Banquet Photos

ArletteSpeakig2.jpg (76446 bytes) RosemaryIntroPresWms-1.jpg (363500 bytes) DomineckF-1.jpg (365446 bytes) DonJordan.jpg (49820 bytes)
Arlette speaks

Rosemary Fugarino
introduces CCNY
President Williams

Domineck Fugarino
Don Jordan
Don Jordan, VP of
CCNY Alumni
Assoc., speaks
Rosemary&PresWms.jpg (73717 bytes) guests&dias.jpg (70294 bytes) guests1.jpg (431869 bytes) guests2.jpg (403288 bytes)
Rosemary and
President Williams
Dias Guests 1 Guests 2
guests3.jpg (399709 bytes) guests4.jpg (360235 bytes) guests5.jpg (82872 bytes) guests6.jpg (91954 bytes)
Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests 5 Guests 6
guests7.jpg (108032 bytes) guests8.jpg (65878 bytes)
  Guests 7 Guests 8  

Note: Special thanks to Marilyn Horween for many of the banquet photos.

Valley of Fire State Park Photos

Interesting Rock Formations

A Boy Rock.JPG (151059 bytes) Bears.JPG (128097 bytes) Elephant Rock.JPG (174599 bytes) Interesting.JPG (200953 bytes) The Huddle.JPG (181061 bytes)
"Boy" "Bears" "Elephant" Interesting "Huddle"

Some Flora and Fauna

DesertBlooms.JPG (212383 bytes) LunchGuest.JPG (209547 bytes) PurplePatchesWereOnceAlive.JPG (138027 bytes) Wildflowers.JPG (121285 bytes)
Desert Blooms Lunch Guest Live and Dead
Wild Flowers

Beautiful Vistas

CuldeSac.jpg (108051 bytes) LongWayDown.JPG (198000 bytes) PICT0005.JPG (188525 bytes) PICT0011.JPG (176861 bytes)
Cul-de-Sac A Long Way 
Vista 1 Vista 2
PICT0028.JPG (105683 bytes) Th ScenicRoute3.JPG (148335 bytes) TheScenicRoute1.JPG (194709 bytes) TheScenicRoute2.JPG (105296 bytes)
Vista 3 Scenic Route 1 Scenic Route 2 Scenic Route 3


Pueblos.JPG (174327 bytes) StairsToPetroglyphs@top.JPG (184894 bytes) ViewFfromTheTopOfThoseStairs.JPG (172694 bytes)

The Pueblos

Stairs to View
View from Top 
of Stairs

Note: Special thanks to Stan Goldfarb for all of these Valley of Fire photos.