Officers and Directors

2013 - 2014

Revised 29 October 2014

Ms. Susan Braun, associate  
Ms. Arlette Ford '71 Vice President
Mr. Joudon Ford '73 Treasurer
Mr. Domenick Fugarino '61
Mrs. Rosemary Fugarino, associate
Dr. Steve Goldstein '70, '71 MS Ed President
Ms. Phyllis Goldstein, associate  
Mr. Donald Nitti '56 BChE  
Ms. Carole Pollock  
Ms. Ellen Rabin, associate  
Dr. David Stahl
Mr. Ken Stern '74 MA
Ms. Michele Stern '70, '74 MA

Key Email Addresses

Vice President
Corresponding Secretary
Recording Secretary

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic Board people who can contribute to the CCNY SNC team. For more information, email our President.

About the Board of Directors